Sheet Molding Compound(SMC) is a glassfiber reinforced polyester material used primarily in the compression molding. SMC is a molding material, and since the material offers diverse design options, high surface quality and can be processed, its a good choice to use where high mechanical strength and stiffness are needed. Its long lifetime is amazing as the plastic retains its strength even in outdoor use.

  • Example of what we can produce with SMC:

- Reactor Housing
- Oil housing to submergible pumps
- Cable gland Boxes
- Air Dehumidification

Glassfiber Mat reinforced Thermoplastics(GMT) is a material consisting of glassfiber mats. The semi-finished material was developed primarily as a replacement for metals (such as steel, aluminum, etc.) e.g. to buyers in the automotive industry to give a result of lightweight composite materials with excellent impact strength and crash behavior.

The materials low density, excellent hardness and rigdity at low temperature etc. has established GMT as a sucessful alternative to materials such as: plywood and other industrial materials.

  • Example of what we can produce with GMT:
​- Cable clamps
- Duoflance

Bulk Molding Compound(BMC) is a glassfiber reinforced thermoset-polyester material used primarily in injection molding and compression molding. The material is very stiff and impact resistant which retains its physical and aesthetic properties, which also has excellent formability.

Manufactured components made of the material is impact resistant, high tensile and fluxural resistance. They also have the best insulation ability, high strength, dimensionally stable, etc.. Products made with BMC is fame-retardant, dimensionally stable, paintable, etc.

  • Example of what we can produce with BMC:

- Bottom parts for contactors
- Reflectors

Phenolic plastic
Phenolic plastic is a dark thermomset obtained by hardening of the phenolic resin and has a high strength. Hardening of the phenolic resin is mostly done in the temperature between 160-190 °C. The material is currently used in applications where the material's excellent electrical and thermal properties are used. e.g. in fuse boxes in cars, pot handles and welding handles. 

Improved dimensional stability and electrical properties compared to MP 181, excellent surface hardness, good mechanical strength and heat resistance, good wear and UV-stability.

  • Example of what we can produce with Melamine:

- Moulded parts in electrical engineering

Good mechanical strength, very good electrical isolation properties and dimensional stability, excellent cracking resistance regarding thermal shock stress, outstanding heat resistance.

  • Example of what we can produce with Epoxy:

- (Automotive-)fluidproof encapsulation of sensitive electrical components.

Carbonfiber SMC
based on vinylester or epoxy resins reinforced with carbon fiber. Gives the material exceptionally high mechanical properties in terms of stiffness and resistance.

  • Example of what we can produce with Carbonfiber SMC:
- Strong and low weight parts for cars.