Why Thermosets?

Teknopress is the largest manufacturer in Sweden in the field of injection molded, compression molded and RTM thermoset-products in glassfibre reinforced polyester or vinylester SMC, BMC, GMT, Melamine, Phenolic, Epoxy and Carbonfibre SMC.

Why thermoset is the best competitive alternative for many applications today is because of these qualities:

  • Very good fire and heat resistance.
  • Lightweight, design & flexibility; the component can thus be produced in irregular shapes, different parts and design.
  • Corrosion resistance.
  • A density of the polymers is much less than e.g. steel, aluminum, etc., which means that they have a low weight.
  • An excellent durability in whatever environment they used in.
  • Better option than metal or thermoplastic for many applications.

Thermoset has few restrictions in terms of shape, color and design, which means that we can produce products according to customer needs and therefore have a wide variety of recipes, depending on the desired properties and design.